Top ten ways to defeat getting sick

In light of the sicknesses going around Hanover right now (bronchitis, laryngitis, the stomach flu and probably a few others), this post will tell you how to stay healthy while everyone around you is sick.

As you go to a new place, surrounded by new people, your immune system is bound to suffer a little. Unless you have an awesome immune system (like my roommate who still hasn’t gotten sick even though I’ve been sick a couple of times now, including this past week) you probably will get sick when everyone else gets sick.

This is because you are not used to the close quarters of living in a dorm full of other people, some of whom are probably sick, too. Sorry to tell you, I know that’s not fun but here are some tips!!

1.    If you know you have a bad immune system, take immunity vitamins! You know the ones that support a healthy functioning immune system; yeah, those will be your best friends.
2.    Wash your hands … All. The. Time. Seriously, I know people say that but do it, it’s amazing what all it does.
3.    In fact, use hand sanitizer too. It’s like washing your hands when you can’t.
4.    If you don’t want to get sick, stay away from people who are sick if you can.
5.    Get a lot of sleep. They say eight hours is necessary. So that’s what to aim for, but if eight hours isn’t possible, just don’t pull all-nighters. That’s going to drain you and make you feel worse and will probably make you sick.
6.    Eat healthy foods; I’m talking fruits and vegetables with a lot of antioxidants in them.
7.    Drink orange juice! It’s such a good way to boost your immune system and it’s tasty and delicious!
8.    Don’t stress yourself out too much. A little stress is normal with a new school, a new place, new people and new teachers, but don’t worry too much.
9.    Exercise when you are well to keep yourself healthy! A good dose of exercise a few times a week will keep you healthy and hopefully keep you from getting sick while everyone else is.
10.    Drink a lot of water!

However, sometimes that doesn’t work. When that happens and you do get sick, try to do these things:
1.    Drink a lot of water, tea with lemon and orange juice.
2.    Get plenty of rest. Don’t over do it, get more sleep than normal or you’ll never get better.
3.    Go to the nurse. She really does help and is super nice, trust me!
4.    Let your teachers know, especially if you have to miss class before the class. Professors check their e-mails all the time, so just send them an e-mail before you miss class.
5.    Eat chicken noodle soup! The zinc in it makes you feel better, the warmth makes you feel better, and it’s tasty! It’s a win-win situation.
6.    It’s also nice if you have awesome friends who are willing to take care of you, either by driving you to pick up prescriptions, bringing you soup, making you soup or just making sure you are still doing ok after a little while.

But for now stay healthy or get healthy if you are sick! And remember, take a deep breath because it only gets better from here

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