The Night of the Cat

Mike as Obi wan Kenobi from "Star Wars" and me as a 1920s flapper!

Dear Students, Prospective Students, Parents and Colleagues:

There have been some wonderful events at Hanover recently and in our family life as well. The annual Halloween party, co-hosted by me and the Student Senate, held at the President’s home, was a huge success.

The winning group, also from "Star Wars"

Every year the costumes get better. We must have had 400 students in and out of the house that night with plenty to eat and activities to get involved in.

We had monsters, TV stars, movie actresses, objects (like a loofah brush), characters from a circus and some of the most creative costumes I have ever seen.

You can see even more photos on my Facebook page by clicking here.

Our family is celebrating the engagement of our daughter, Leigh Anne, to David Roth, both lawyers living in D.C. He proposed when they reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro two weeks ago. This is the same couple that ran the Ironman competition in Louisville, Ky. Our son is the developer of a recent child’s book that is fully online with videos. He lives in Seattle, Wash., and works for  Apple; he also does computer animation in his free time.

The big, black cat on our front lawn.

The fall leaves are beautiful on Hanover’s campus. Every morning I look out on the Ohio River valley and am reminded of why I love living in this environment. It is indeed a privilege to be leading a campus where the students are so engaged in their education and in the transformative experiences they have outside of class. I love this place!

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  1. President DeWine:

    What a surprise and pleasure it was meeting you with my daughter, Meredith, and wife, Rita, during our campus tour!

    Encountering you in such a casual way made quite an impression on one prospective Hanoverian. I should also say the entire visit, including everyone we met along the way, was truly inspiring and encouraging to her.

    Thanks and our best to you.

    Hanover Hail to Thee!
    Jim Rogers
    Class of 1982

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