Five Things You Should Know!

When you get to a certain point in your journey at Hanover, you may want to start mixing things up and going on adventures. My adventures have lead me in many different directions but have all been great experiences. I thought I would share some of my newly gained knowledge with you all!

1) Terrific Tuesdays at the Ohio Theatre in Madison! The Ohio is an old-timey theater that plays two almost new release films at a time. They show one film on the main floor and another in the balcony. Every Tuesday, each showing of both films is only two dollars! This gives the Hanover College students a great opportunity to take a study break while doing something cheap and fun.

The Ohio also holds various specials events including “Creepy Classics” during October, where they show various horror movies throughout the entire week and each one costs only five dollars a person!

2) Hinkle’s milkshakes are a MUST! When I first arrived at Hanover, my friends made sure that I went to Hinkle’s Sandwich Shop to get a milkshake ASAP. I must admit, I have only been at Hanover for about two months and I have been to Hinkle’s at least five times. The milkshakes at Hinkle’s aren’t your typical vanilla and chocolate shakes. They come in all sorts of fun, festive flavors like Wedding Cake, Almond Joy, Cappuccino, Banana Split; the options are nearly endless.

On the road for less than an hour and we're almost there!

3) Weekends are the perfect time for a get-away with your best friends. With several large cities no more than two hours away, why not hop in your car with your closest friends and go enjoy some big city excitement!

Cincinnati is roughly an hour and a half away from Hanover and is home to a professional baseball team, a stellar music hall, amazing shopping, a zoo and about a million other amazing opportunities. Why not spend a day or weekend there?! Many of the attractions are free and open year round.

4) Great food is just a hop, skip and a jump from campus! For those days when you find yourself unable to find anything to satisfy your hunger in either the Underground or the Campus Center, you shouldn’t worry. Grab some friends and head into Madison to check out some great dining options.

Obviously college kids take their food seriously, I mean this is the second time something food related is on my list of five things to know so it’s definitely crucial. Sandwich places are a quick and easy option for grabbing some chow, and Madison boasts two great options: The Downtowner and The Red Pepper, both located downtown.

If you are in the mood for something other than sandwiches, Shooter’s Sports Bar, also downtown, has something for everyone (the chicken nachos are to die for!). If you don’t have the time or are without a car on campus, walk into Hanover and grab some pizza from Jendy’s. Their pizza and breadsticks are a favorite for many a Hanover College student.

5) Don’t force yourself to study or do homework all day, everyday. The professors do not expect you to, so you shouldn’t either. With guest speakers, free trips and fun club meetings happening all over campus, you should take advantage of the opportunities Hanover presents. You don’t even have to leave campus to experience something new and exciting, simply keep your eyes on the intranet for something that catches you eye.

You may find that you work better if you have a goal in mind. For example, I tell myself I will complete my readings for history before I can go enjoy a themed dinner at the Campus Center with my friends. This way I have a set into place some motivation.

I hope you all find some inspiration in this post to enjoy some of the unique opportunities that you have while you are here! Have some fun in this three week stretch before Thanksgiving break arrives!

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