Top 15 things to do when you're landlocked!

Once you’re done with your homework, it’s the weekend, you’re landlocked without your car, and you don’t know what to do…

Do one of these things!

  1. Take a hike! There are so many amazing trails on this campus, so why not use them! One of the best things about the campus is just how pretty it actually is, so use it to your advantage and take a hike, taking in all of the trees and the beauty of nature!
  2. Or just take a walk. At first the campus can be kind of confusing, so during the first week my friends and I would walk around campus everyday just to explore it. If you take a walk in the daytime, pay attention to where everything is and stop by The Point or the new swings that the class of 2010 donated to the school. At night, take in your surroundings and pay attention to the sky because the stars you can see the stars everywhere here.
  3. Go to the new Student Activities Center. Watch TV, play pool, ping pong, video games, board games, or just hang out.
  4. Get all of your friends together and play apples to apples or any other kind of game; it’s so much fun. My friends and I started playing Super Smash Brothers on the Wii, and some of my friends play Guitar Hero. It’s a lot of fun even if you don’t know how to play those games, people are always willing to teach you!
  5. Nothing to do at night? Walk to the gas station and rent a movie from the Redbox. Make some popcorn, go to someone’s room or go to a common room and have a movie night!
  6. I was told by an upperclassmen that the best place to play Hide and Go Seek is the library. So get a group of your friends together and make a small silent game of hide and go seek (as long as you don’t disturb anyone!)
  7. Speaking of the library, they have multiple rooms with huge bean bag chairs in them. So, go into one of the rooms and just hang out, talk, play games, take a nap, etc!
  8. Play campus golf! It’s golf only with tennis balls. Get a group of people together and just play around the campus!
  9. You could also play Frisbee golf! It’s a lot of fun and very popular here. You can get a good competition going among friends!
  10. Listen to music. In fact just start a dance party in your hall! One of the girls on my floor and I have decided that dancing is awesome and we should start a dance party in our hall for hall bonding! So, we dance around and laugh.
  11. Hang out in the UG. There’s even a room with a bunch of couches and a TV.
  12. Redecorate your room with your roommate!
  13. Explore the Science Center. There are so many things in there from rocks,  skeletons of animals, preserved animals and all things science related. In fact, just explore all the buildings on campus. During the first week, my friends and I did that and we meet some really awesome professors that way. One professor had a Harry Potter poster outside of her office, so we started talking to her and she was one of the first professors I talked to here. It was pretty cool.
  14. Play tag with your friends, there are so many open areas on campus to do so.
  15. Go to The Shoebox. Grab some dinner or lunch or just a drink and hang out with your friends!

There is always something to do even when it doesn’t seem like it! Hope this helps in your future! And remember, take a deep breath because it only gets better from here!

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