Introducing Friends to the City

Saturday afternoon we showed our visitors around Philadelphia. Pictured includes Jake Ezell and Ike Homburg (both of Wabash College), me, Allie Gullett, and Matt Strandmark (all from Hanover). Four additional Hanoverians were able to join us throughout the weekend.

For the past three days, my roommates and I have been lucky enough to have visitors come to see us all the way from Indiana. Since Hanover students are enjoying Fall Break right now, we had several friends from Hanover (and other schools, too) come out to Philadelphia to enjoy their time off from school with us. Somehow we managed to sleep ten people in our two-bedroom apartment. That, in itself, was an adventure.

Introducing everyone to the city really made  me feel like I am a true Philadelphian. Having people here to visit gave me the opportunity to show them around the city and  introduce them to some of my favorite places. Not only that, but I also got to enjoy some of the tourist attractions in Philadelphia once again.

It may be easy for me to explain to everyone what I am doing here and the things I am able to enjoy, however, no one can truly understand my adventures and educational experiences until they are here to experience it for themselves.

While we all enjoyed showing everyone around Philadelphia, I must say that we mostly enjoyed just catching up with everyone that we have been away from. For all of us that are here in Philadelphia this semester, it has been tough, at one time or another, being away from campus as we truly miss Hanover College and the people that are there.

Some may call us crazy, but I can only explain it best by saying you don’t miss what you have until you don’t have it anymore. We have talked on multiple occasions about how we miss certain things at Hanover, such as The Shoebox, the beautiful fall weather, Hinkle’s and much, much more.  I think that anyone that has spent a semester away from Hanover truly understands this.

Even having our friends here with us for just the weekend has been blessing as we have been able to be reunited with a few of the great people from Hanover. This has given us a little dose of the things we miss and gave us the opprotunity to introduce some of our friends to the home we have created for ourselves here in Philadelphia!

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