Homecoming, Dance, Midterms, and the End of the Drought!

Hanover College's Dance Team Dancing at the Homecoming Football Game

Hello all! I hope everyone has had a good week! This past weekend was a lot of fun here at Hanover! We had Homecoming! Woo!

So Homecoming here is a little different than at most of your high schools. We do not have a Homecoming Dance and this year we didn’t have a Homecoming Court. We did however have a concert (Shwayze came). We also, of course, had a football game, in which we played the Earlham College Quakers and won 51-23! My friends and I had fun cheering our Panthers onto victory!

Also, the dance team had their first performance at the Homecoming football game! It was definitely fun to be able to perform in front of my friends and my fellow Hanoverians. Our performance went well at halftime; the crowd really liked it, which is nice because we worked hard practicing to get ready for our first performance!

We dance on the track near the student section of the home side (where most people come to cheer us on). It was definitely a new experience dancing for a college in the middle of the day on a Saturday on the track around the football field. My high school dance team performed at halftime on the actual field. So that was a new experience but then again all of college has been a new experience. This is just one extra to add to my list.

This week has been pretty crazy though as it is midterm week here at Hanover College. Therefore, most classes have a test or paper due this week. So, we all have a nice checkpoint as we are now halfway through the first semester, which means I am half way through the first half of my freshman year! I have had a Spanish test, a Spanish vocab quiz, a Great Works (which is similar to Freshman English) essay on the book,The Jungle,” a chemistry test, and a biology test. So, everyone on campus has had a lot of focus getting ready to ace all of these tests, so we hope!

But even in all of the studying, don’t overwhelm yourself; try to have fun in one form or another (at least for a few minutes). I know my moment of fun happened when I noticed it was raining so I took a dinner break and ran outside and danced all the way to the CC as it’s finally the end of the drought!

Well enjoy the rain and study hard. But remember take a deep breath because it only gets easier from here.

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