The first few weeks (a freshmen's perspective) part 1

A picture I took during my first couple of weeks here at Hanover. This is the top of Brown Chapel.

In the first few months as a college student you realize many things. You realize that the type of work you are doing is much harder than in high school and that most likely you will struggle. It’s just one of things you realize in your first few months.

From the time you first arrive on campus, you will be in a whirlwind of emotions.

If you play a sport you will come earlier then other freshmen to start practice.  If you do participate in a sport take the time to get to know both your fellow classmates as well as the upperclassmen.

If you aren’t an athlete your first week at Hanover is known as August Experience. This week is set aside for freshmen to be introduced to fellow classmates as well as getting to see the kind of work that you will experience over the next four years.

Also, you will learn about the different types of clubs offered here on campus. I would personally suggest going out for at least one club, if not more.

One of the activities that week is the Hike to The Point. You get to see what it was like for students to travel to college in the 1800’s and you get a free water bottle. These are just some highlights of your August Experience

When classes begin, that is when the real fun starts. Do not be surprised if you have a paper due within the first two weeks. Although this may sound like a bad thing it may not be. It just means you are getting your papers out of the way sooner rather then later when it is crunch time for midterms.

These are just some of the things you can expect here at Hanover your first few weeks. There are many more things about the first few months but that is for a different time.

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