Coming Home and Homecoming

When I was choosing a school, I never thought to myself what a college really is. Sure it’s a place to find who you want to be in life, a place you gain an education, a place where you go to play sports, but it is also so much more than that, it’s your new home.

It’s funny that I already refer to my room in Donner as my “home.” Sure my single room is nothing compared to having a full house, but it’s my own personal space and I love spending time there.

In addition to moving into my new “home,” I have also started my own new “family” comprised of my new best friends at Hanover (who are by far some of the greatest people you could ever meet). We eat dinner as a family, we watch movies as a family, and most importantly we take advantage of making memories like a family. This week was a great opportunity for us to spend some time together, as all the Homecoming activities took place.

Shwayze was the last performer of the night, they put on a great show and really involved the crowd.

Thursday night there was t-shirt decorating and Friday was an especially eventful day for us watching the HC Theatre’s performance of “Anatomy of Gray” and then making a mad dash across campus to catch Rock the Tower. The play dealt with the very serious topic of death but managed to have some humorous parts and was overall very entertaining.

This year at Rock the Tower, there were four musical guests: Shwayze, Cisco Adler, Chris Young, Kelley James and Jason Smith. There was a great turn-out and it was an awesome experience to see everyone having a good time dancing the night away. Two of the performers actually made up songs particular to the interests of Hanover students, right on the spot, it was such a great experience!

One of them even gave away some free CD’s after his performance. For a free event (YES! Rock the Tower was free to all students!!), Rock the Tower was definitely a good way to spend my Friday night with all my new friends.

This weekend definitely made me realize that Hanover really is my new home. For the time being I can kick off my shoes and relax here, but only for a minute because mid-terms are all this week. I better hold off on the relaxing until the end of the week when I can begin enjoying Fall Break!

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