The First Transition

As you take the SATs and fill out application after application, write essay after essay and slowly get your school search narrowed down to three, two, then one school, it really only gets easier from there. The hardest part is finding the school that is right for you, for your personality, for your career goals. I chose Hanover College because the school is small, the graduate school acceptance rate is large, the campus is beautiful and the science department is great. Though many different factors go into making the decision, everyone chooses a college for one broad reason: it’s a place where they feel like they belong.

I decided that I belong at Hanover College for all of the reasons above but also because they make the transition to college easier. We have a week long orientation before school officially starts where we meet new people, do various activities and explore the campus. It’s a great way to transition to a new school, new environment, new people and to a new home.

We have our first college assignment during this time and the first college professor feedback on the assignment as well. This really helps because the professors are here to help you learn and become a better student, so you’ll do well in the college and in your future.

There is also an activity fair during this time where one or two representatives from each club is there to tell you all about their club and to get you to join. There are plenty of activities, so you’re sure to find something that interests you. Also, if there is a club you want to create that Hanover College doesn’t have, the faculty are more than willing to help you start one.

Altogether, I believe Hanover does its best to get you through the transition from high school to college quite well. So take a deep breath because it only gets easier from here.

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