And the internship search begins…

There are many reasons I chose to spend a semester at The Philadelphia Center (TPC). It’s unique in that it offers students the opportunity to gain hands on experience through an internship in the city — that’s what originally attracted me to the program. Let me share with you the process I experienced this past week.

This is week three in Philadelphia, and the major focus has been on researching and interviewing. This consisted of starting out with preliminary research on the computer database at TPC to learn about different available positions, then searching through their hard files to understand the experiences that past students have had at each internship placement, and going back to do web research about each organization.

I then selected six different placements that interested me. The staff at TPC has done their best to get interviews for me lined up with at least three of these organizations. So far, I have had three interviews, and I have another interview today. Hopefully, by the end of the week, or before, I will have an internship all lined up.

Even through the many connections and relationships, TPC has established has made the process more organized and less stressful. The faculty and staff there have really impressed me with their dedication to this process. Not only have they helped me locate and select internship possibilities, they have also sent my resume to potential placements, which has led to interviews with different organizations.

In our countless conversations, faculty and staff have given me their undivided attention as if I am the only student they need to serve. This week would have been so much more stressful and difficult if it weren’t for people like my faculty advisor, who gave me new suggestions for internships every day, and is dedicated to helping me find an internship placement that will wow me.

The internship placement director, who is responsible for placing all 64 students at TPC this semester, has been more than willing to listen to me “blab” about my hopes and dreams. My elective professor who, despite him being on college visits for the past week, found the time to check in with me to make sure I didn’t need help with anything.

After experiencing the continued support that these people have shown me, and the different opportunities that I have had throughout the internship process thus far, I can only look forward to the best that is yet to come.

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