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Two more days and the fall term begins in earnest, although the first-year class and the Common Reading groups make it seem like classes have already started.

I led the Common Reading discussion group for transfer students this past week. This is a very special group of people. They are not new to the college experience but are new to Hanover. These students will add a great deal to campus life.

I wish I could be at the first away football game tomorrow at Centre, but we have the Welcome Back picnic. Already there are too many choices of events going on! We have some great recruits in all the sports and it is one of my favorite activities to watch our students compete. Go Panthers!

My family has always loved sports and my daughter, in particular, has turned into a marathon runner.  I watched her compete in her first Ironman competition in Louisville, Ky. last weekend.  What an intense experience! She finished in the top 50 percent.  The race includes two and a half miles swimming, 112 miles biking and then a full marathon of 26.4 miles. It was exhausting to watch her for 15 hours, much less imagine competing in any one of the segments of the race.

There are some firsts occurring this year: the first lacrosse game will occur on the Hanover campus; the first full use of the Student Activity Center (fondly referred to as SAC); and our newly designed Hanover 101 course, which will give students a head start on outstanding performance in the classroom.

Hanover achieved another first this past weekend. In case you didn’t see it, the latest US News and World Report again ranked Hanover as one of the top National Liberal Arts Colleges.

However, this year we earned another honor, “Great Schools, Great Prices,” which weights academic quality and net cost. Hanover ranks 21st in the nation among the top-40 best national liberal arts colleges. At the top of the list is Amherst, Williams, Wellesley, Swarthmore, etc. We ranked higher than all our rivals and teams we play in sports.

I expect to see all students at the Fall Convocation next Thursday. There is a special grand opening of the Student Activities Center immediately following the 3:00 Convo. See you there!

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  1. President De Wine,

    Thank you so much for the lovely brunch and celebration for the three Athletic Hall of Fame inductees this past Saturday; it was a wonderful celebration and it was great to see a college president who is so involved with her students and college activities!

    JOYce Ochs
    Kristen Ochs Yaden’s MOM

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