Creating Moments

More memorable and life-changing than any class I’ve taken at Hanover have been the simple moments I have spent with my friends and sisters on campus. Even as I write this, I’m on a couch with many of my closest friends laughing at a television show.

When I left for college, I anticipated my most memorable moments to be either in the classroom or at parties (Big difference, eh?) However, the times I remember the most from any given year here have been the ones where I was laughing with my friends, doing nothing in particular.

Freshman year, my friends and I used to lay on the floor and on the beds in my room and talk until the wee hours of the morning. We took long walks to The Point at midnight or hung out on a picnic table outside Lambda Chi Alpha until the sun rose.

Not much has changed!

I share secrets and laugh under the stars on a red blanket. I go on early morning trips to Taco Bell laughing at the adventures of the night before. Sometimes I even just hang out in our rackroom talking about teddy bears and laughing at myself.

So as many of you head into your August Experience or your first few weeks of school, my challenge to you is to create these kinds of simple moments for yourselves. Spend time talking and laughing in your dorm room. Go on long walks. Watch the stars.

Most of all, enjoy every moment. No one can make you feel anxious, or uncomfortable, or scared. You decide what you feel on your own. So make every moment a good one, and make each moment count.

Good luck and see you all soon!

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