Goodbye Summer, Hello Philadelphia!

Three months ago, I began my last week of my sophomore Spring Term, and I looked forward to the summer months that were ahead of me. It is now hard to believe that the summer I looking forward to was already here and is about to be gone.

I spent the majority of my summer away from my home as I had an internship in Indianapolis, Ind., in the Events and Entertainment department at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, which I landed with the help of the Career Center on campus. Through this internship, I had the opportunity to work with some truly amazing and talented people, and gained a lot of valuable experiences as I assisted in planning several big events, such as the Annual Queen Pageant.

The past month has been very exciting, yet exhausting. As of Tuesday, I will have worked 300-plus hours in 30 straight days. With my internship keeping me so busy, I have not had time to worry, or even think about anything else, and with the Fair just ending, I am beginning to comprehend what lies ahead of me. I have one major thing yet to prepare for: attending The Philadelphia Center (TPC).

TPC is something that I have been interested in since my freshman year. I remember hearing about this program during August Experience, but even though it was something that I wanted to pursue, I never thought it would actually happen. Now, two years later, I am about to begin the journey that I have been looking forward to since my first weeks at Hanover.

Just like the incoming freshman class is about to move into their new “home away from home,” I, too, will leave my home and forced into a new, unfamiliar place where I will live for the next three months.

Looking back at my first year I remember how extremely nervous and terrified I was to move into my dorm.  Once again, I am about to face this obstacle and will have to get used to a new environment. I will have to be willing to try new things and get to know new people. I will have to put myself out there, and step outside of my comfort zone.

Ultimately, I will have to accept the changes in my life. As I will have to do all of things as I adapt to a new place, I hope that the Hanover College Class of 2014 does the same during their first weeks on campus.

Overall, I am anxious, excited, and nervous about TPC, but I look forward to the people I am going to meet, places I am going to see and experiences I am going to have over the next three months. Even though my summer is coming to an end, I am ready to enjoy the journey that lies ahead of me!

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  1. I’m so excited for you, Sara! New experiences can definitely be nerve-wracking, but you are right that they are totally worth it in the end :)

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