It's the Little Things that Count

I’m sure most of you already know why you chose to come to Hanover, and I expect the reasons have a little more magnitude than, “uh, I liked the name,” has. Though there are TONS of pertinent reasons to LOVE Hanover, and I’ve complied of list of 10 Hanover Hidden Treasures that you explore for yourself.

1. Edy’s Ice Cream bar in the CC. You mean I can have as much ice cream as I want, whatever flavor I want, at any meal that I want?! The ice cream bar usually has 6-8 flavors that change from week to week, so scoop yourself a cone or a cup after lunch or dinner and enjoy.

2. Crowe Coffee Shop. Located in Crowe Hall Lobby, this little coffee and sandwich shop is a great treat for fancy beverage lovers: cappuccinos, flavored lattes, iced and hot coffees, and fruit smoothies galore. Try it before, during or after a study session.

3. Outdoor Classroom. In between Classic Hall and Parker Auditorium sits a pile of rocks that makes for one of the best places for a peaceful study session. If you’re saying to yourself, “well, I need my laptop to study,” fear not! The outdoor classroom is equipped with wi-fi.

4. Happy Valley. This is a secret spot tucked away in the woods right off Scenic Drive. It’s a great place to hike with friends, build a bonfire and hang out. It’s a bit tricky to find, but worth the trip.

5. Bean bags in Duggan Library. Let’s take a trip back to the 80’s and 90’s, steal a couple bean bag chairs and put them in the library so students can sink into studying — literally. You’ll find them in various spots, but watch out — they get taken quickly!

6. Old pictures in Classic Hall. This building has pictures so intriguing, they can steal your attention from the professor. Depicting Hanover through the years, they cover everything from athletics, Greek life and oodles of Hanover history. Be sure to stop in and take a look.

7. Autumn. It’s no surprise that Hanover is gorgeous in this season. With as many trees as we have on campus, lots of beautiful, multicolored leaves cover them and the ground. My advice? Take pictures!

8. Greek dinners. I’m not talking about falafel and hummus, but sororities and fraternities. From time to time we have guests at our houses for dinner, so if you have a friend that’s Greek, ask to accompany him or her. It’s a great way to explore the Greek system first hand.

9. Donner Lobby. This is probably where I spent 80 percent of my study time last year. The couches are comfy, and the lobby is very well-lit. You’ll see a lot of people there so it’s a great way to meet new study-buddies or get together with a group for class.

10. Daily specials in the UG. I never missed a lunch from the UG on Tuesdays or Wednesdays because the daily specials were too hard to pass up. There should be a listing of the special for each day, and I highly recommend taco wrap day and honey mustard chicken/buffalo chicken wrap day.

I’m sure there are tons of little things that I skipped, but I guarantee that you don’t have to look hard to find the small pleasures at Hanover.

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