Insight into the Hanover experience

President Sue DeWine and Mike DeWine, on the point

Greetings to Hanover College’s future students. We have been waiting all summer for your arrival. This is the view you will see every day, just as I do outside my front door.

For those of you who’ll come to campus in the next few days and weeks your questions about your first semester in college are of intense interest to you right now! For those of you still searching, you still have time to try and imagine what your college experience will be like.

In either case, I would like to give you some insight about the Hanover experience; that’s why I have started this blog. I will add entries every month and hope you will add your own comments and questions.

First, you will find that Hanover students are extremely friendly. When you arrive during move-in day, you will likely find students standing on the lawns and by the driveways ready to greet you and help you and your parents move your belongings into your room. You may even meet your roommate for the first time and Hall Directors will be on hand to help with any questions you might have.

The August Experience is a special week developed by Hanover for first year students. Filled with informal conversations with your new classmates, fun activities and lots of information, it will give you tools to be successful in your first year and beyond.

You will participate in the traditional Hike to the Point during this week (September 1). This is a time for the new class to claim The Point on which Hanover sits. Four years later, you will graduate from this same spot.

I know I will have a chance to talk to all of you some time during that week because I will talk with the entire class and you will have lunch on my front lawn after the hike. I look forward to greeting each of you.

Once you have had an opportunity to learn your way around campus and have made some friends among your classmates, the Welcome Back Picnic occurs  (Sept. 4) when all the upperclass students, faculty and staff turn out at our local hangout, The Shoebox for a great picnic. Following the picnic will be a foam dance party sponsored by Campus Activity Board.

Now, I don’t know what a “foam dance party” is, but I assume students do! According to what I see online about “foam dances,” it looks like a lot of fun. I take it you should be prepared to have foam all over you.

September 6 you will attend your first college class. You will find that the faculty knows who you are and cares deeply about your success. Your classes will be fascinating and stimulating.

The Fall Convocation occurs during that first week of classes, September 9, and immediately afterward, the new student activities center will be opened. And that’s only your first two weeks on campus.

A unique opportunity comes up a few weeks later at the fall gala. Again, students, faculty and staff all turn out for an elegant evening of dancing, socializing and eating hors d’oeuvres, dressed in style. This is an event you simply cannot miss. Do be sure to bring one fancy outfit with you to wear to this elegant evening.

That’s enough to think about right now. Stay cool and we’ll see you soon.

Sue DeWine
Hanover College

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  1. I think it’s great that you’re reaching out like this. Looking forward to an insight into life as a college president!

  2. Sue, I just wanted to wish you a successful & wonderful year at Hanover. Hanover is a beautiful school and has a lot to offer it’s students, they’re lucky to have you as their fearless leader.
    Best Wishes,

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