In Transit

I am in transit.

As I make last-minute preparations for leaving my apartment, moving back home for a week, and then moving back into my house at Hanover, I can only think of one thing: PACKING.

Words for the wise: Other than the mini-fridge or microwave or lamp, try to make sure everything can fit into your car. Driving home for breaks can be a huge hassle if you can’t fit your clothes, etc. in your car. My freshman year, I brought entirely too many things with me that I never ended up using.

College is a transition. I’m sure nothing I say can stop you from back-to-school shopping for clothes, backpacks, laptop cases or even decorations for your room. But from experience, I can tell you that I regret back-to-school shopping before I made the transition to college.

You never know what kind of clothes you’re going to want to wear to class. I bought mountains of new dresses, blouses, etc… and then ended up wearing sweats most of the time. I bought a brand new lap desk for my laptop and then never left my chair in my room. And don’t even get me started on the things I didn’t buy that I ended up needing. (RAINBOOTS. I can’t say it enough. Even if you’re a guy. RAINBOOTS… and fans. Its only hot for a few weeks but you’ll regret it when you drown in your own sweat.)

In a nutshell, as the weeks continue to speed by and move-in day draws nearer, my advice is to wait until a few weeks into the school year to make your big purchases. Of course, a mini-fridge or a microwave or a lamp is an understandable purchase to make ahead of time. But there’s no way for you to predict how you’ll make the transition to college until you’ve done it.

You don’t know if you’ll want curtains in your room until you’ve spent a few sleepless naps with too much light in the room. You don’t know if you’ll actually get up and put nice clothes on for class until you’ve slept through it a few times. You don’t know if you’ll actually even need that crazy expensive futon; much less if it will even fit in your room.

So … wait. Figure out the routine that works for you (and your roommate – you don’t want to show up with unthinkable amounts of clothes, excessive lamps and curtains that they think are ugly and then have to take them all home) and then buy the things that you need to make that routine work.

I am in transit. Just as many of you are in transit towards college, I am in transit away from it. As I said, college is a transition. And, whether you’re coming or going, it may just be the most exciting transition you’ll ever make.

Happy packing!

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