Hanover Dos and Don'ts

I basically stole this post idea from Hannah but I thought it was a good one, so thanks Hannah! Here are some HC dos and don’ts to keep in mind before you come here to school.

DO join some sort of club or activity. It will allow you to meet people pretty easily and is a fun way to improve your time management skills.

DON’T keep your door closed! This is a bad idea unless you are doing some hardcore homework or studying because you’ll miss a lot of things going on and people walking by; do this and you might miss out on some pretty good friendships.

DO call home often to keep in touch with your family and friends.

DON’T go home too often! You will miss a lot of fun at school and begin to think home is so much better than school. This is not necessarily true and it’s too risky. Many people who do this transfer, which can lead to financial loss and more difficulty transitioning to yet another school.

DO participate in the non-mandatory fun things on campus like wiffleball, snowball fights, frisbee games, campus golf, hikes and others.

DON’T do homework all day everyday! You have to take some time to yourself and enjoy college or you will be really stressed all of the time.

DO explore the surrounding areas and find out what is in Madison, Ind. Also, go out for a girls or guys night in Louisville, Ky., sometime. It will be worth the extra spending money and it’s good for when you need to get off campus but don’t want to go home.

DON’T ignore your professors. They want you to come to office hours and drop by other times to get to know you. They aren’t scary and are there to help you. That’s why they work at a school like Hanover.

DO eat at The Shoebox. It’s kind of far away especially when you have to walk in the snow but it is totally worth it! The food is good and it’s fun to hang out there. It also gets you away from the CC and Underground for a meal (but those are both pretty good, too).

DON’T try to start a serious relationship within the first few days of knowing someone. This happened between quite a few of my friends during my August Experience and it never worked. You can’t actually know someone very well in so short a time and there are so many new people to meet.

DO meet with your advisor when registering for classes. They might notice something you missed and it will save you a lot of time later.

DON’T become lazy. Try to exercise and eat right when possible. It will keep you energetic and will help avoid the famous Freshman 15.

DO stay up late with friends and sleep in when possible. This just feels good.

DON’T get too caught up in the social aspect of college life. You are there for school above all and will have more fun if you balance both.

DO keep an open mind. Try new things, take many different classes, change your major if you need to, and meet lots of different people.

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