Fun Facts About Hanover

I hope you are all getting excited to come to Hanover!! I can’t believe that I will move in again in less than a month to start preparing for August Experience as a peer advisor.

Since the summer is coming to an end, people are probably asked you, “What school are you going to?” I have found as a Hanover College student that this question is usually followed by, “Oh….where’s that?”  I thought it would be fun to let you know of some fun facts about Hanover that you can tell people to either make Hanover sound like the most fun place ever or to just let them know that yes, Hanover is a city in Indiana. You probably know a few of these but they are still fun!

– Each winter we have an annual snowball fight on The Quad! This is held at midnight of the first significant snowfall of the year.  It can get pretty serious but is always a lot of fun!

– Our President, Dr. DeWine is very personable and loves getting to know the students.  She holds a Halloween party every year at her house complete with snacks and best costume contests.

– Each spring term, which makes Hanover stand out on its own, Lambda Chi Alpha holds a wiffleball tournament for their philanthropy.  Much of the campus participates in this tournament and even those who don’t come to watch, cheer on teams and eat!

– When Hanover College was first established, students had to use the river to get to the campus and then hike up the hill to The Point with all of their belongings.  To remember this time, first-year students hike up this hill during August experience each year.

– “The Point” is actually the only place where you can see three bends in the Ohio River (and it’s right on our campus)!

– Hanover College is the oldest private college in Indiana

– Actor Woody Harrelson graduated from Hanover College (the bartender from “Cheers” in case you don’t know)

– People say that a few buildings on campus are haunted! But don’t worry, I’ve never seen anything weird happen.

– You will be going there! That’s good enough, right??

Hopefully these facts about Hanover and our history and traditions leaves you more excited to get to campus! Feel free to look up more of these on the newly-constructed Hanover College website (and just go check it out because it is new and looks great!) and Google around to find facts about the cities of Hanover, Ind., and Madison, Ind.  See you soon!

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