Seeing the Beginning from the End.

While I helped out with a LEAP session this past Friday, I saw a group of around 25 incoming first-years register for their first fall term for both college and Hanover. As I watched, I realized that I have already registered for my LAST fall term here. Seeing the beginning from the end is most definitely an interesting experience.

For those who don’t know what a LEAP session is, essentially they are Hanover’s registration days for an incoming class. It’s a whole day with your parents where you get your ID photo taken (it lasts all four years… advice: look good) register for classes, tour the residence halls and learn more about what your first year is going to be like.

As a Peer Advisor, I got to drive back to campus and play hooky from work for a day so that I could help out with LEAP. This year will be my third as a PA.

However, it is my first year encountering first-years who don’t know who Woody Harrelson is. If you’re going to come to Hanover, you should do some research on our most famous alum – you’ll hear about him enough on campus, though,¬† especially from the many professors and parents who even went to school here with him!

Well, this may just be my shortest entry yet. Duty calls and I’ve got to get some sleep before work tomorrow. Hope everyone’s summers are going well!

p.s. Adventures to come that I am super excited about:

1. Vacation to New York to visit my family and celebrate the 4th of July. It’s an annual trip I’ve made every year since I was born. Thrilling, I know.

2. Vacation to Williamsburg, Va., with the family – I am such a nerd that I get excited about historical vacation spots.

3. PA Training and coming back early for August Experience. Even if it is with the first-years who don’t know who Woody Harrelson is. I guess I’ll have to let that slide¬† :)

Until next time, Ciao!

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