Checklist for Success

Hello there future Panthers. I am happy you have decided to come to Hanover for your higher education. Trust me, you have made a very good choice.

In my time here in Hanover I came up with various strategies to survive the academic climate and find a balance in my life so that I would not be distracted from doing very well in my classes.

This checklist I am about to reveal could be part of your war chest of checklists you may have created to help prepare you for your first days here; I hope it would be part of your tools of success at Hanover College.

  • Make goals for yourself: first of all, you have to ask yourself your main reason for attending college and work towards satisfying it.
  • Go to class: this is the most important. You are paying for it so you might as well take advantage of it.
  • Build rapport with your professors: talking to your professors and asking them for help when you need it will go a long way toward helping you do well in your classes.
  • Prioritize your life (BE ORGANIZED!!!): the worst thing that could happen is not knowing your plans for the day when you wake¬† up. Better get a planner. Also, plan your academic life around other things because that is the sole reason for attending here.
  • Exercise often and eat appropriately: exercise helps keep all ailments away and aids in keeping a clear head. Eating right and at appropriate times will help keep of the dreaded freshman 15!
  • Bring the right clothes for the season: remember when you get here summer is about to end so be ready for fall weather.
  • Budgeting: budget your spending¬† so that you do not always ask your parents for money. Find a job if you need one. Remember, you came to college to learn how to be independent.
  • Stay on campus as much as possible: if you look hard enough, there is always something to do on campus. If not, downtown Madison, Ind., has a lot to offer.
  • Respect yourself and others: if you live on campus, you have to try and respect the people around you. Getting to know them would help you a lot.

I hope you guys can use this as a blueprint for success. I am sure you will figure out what you need to do be successful here!

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