Friendships: Something to look forward to!

Probably one of the most nerve-wracking things about going to college is the fact that there is an unknown factor when it comes to making friends.  Well, I can tell you from personal experience that people at Hanover are very good at making friends, and if you are planning on enrolling at Hanover this fall… you will be one of those people.

If you come to Hanover and don’t know a soul on campus, enjoy the fact that you just have that many more friends to make while you are here.  That is exactly what I did.  I knew my sister and some of her friends, but I wasn’t expecting to follow her around like a lost puppy all year.  It seems like friends just “happen” at Hanover.

Your first day on campus you get a roommate, hall mates, a peer advisor group and in all of those places you find friends.  You run in to people in the mailroom, at parties, at meals and while you are waiting in line for the bathroom at football games. There are endless opportunities for friends.  I won’t even get started on making friends through other friends!

You won’t just make these friends your first week on campus.  I made friends with Hanover students through my whole college career.  I even made friends with the Louvre security guards when I took Baroque Art and Architecture in Paris during spring term my senior year!

Making friends is a lifelong process.  Just this March I took a trip to Death Valley, California with five friends who all graduated from Hanover.  Two of these friends I met in my first day at Hanover, one I met five months into my first year, and the other two I didn’t meet until years after I graduated from Hanover!

You do build quality relationships here; in fact; on this very trip to Death Valley I got engaged!  I have known my fiancé for nine years, and our friendship started at Hanover and then turned into a relationship.  Be excited about making friends!

Hanover's Chaplin Laura Arico (straw hat), fellow Admission Counselor Jen Siepler (red hat), Nathan Arico (also red hat), Hanover IT guy Kevin Stormer (crouching fiancé), IT Help Desk guy Caleb Gosnell (blue shirt).

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