Summer = Time to Transfer to Hanover

The Hanover Admission Office hasn’t been this quiet all year.  Classes are over, graduation was last Saturday, and we have a great class lined up for the fall!  There is only one topic left unresolved:  transfer students.

With the heavy work load that comes with being in college, transfer students are just on a completely different schedule than first year students.  Deadlines for transfer student applications don’t come until late July.  So for any student who wants a change in educational venue, there is still time to seek out options.  Here are the steps that transfer students need to take:

  1. The first step is to apply HERE.  Send us the supporting materials, and we will let you know how things work out for admission.
  2. Accepted students will soon hear about financial aid (be sure to add Hanover College to your FAFSA.)
  3. Visiting campus is also a good idea for transfer students so that you can see what we have to offer and have a good discussion with our registrar about how your classes will transfer to Hanover.  Contact Lyn Lyon at to set up a visit.
  4. If Hanover is your best option for college success, then accepted students need to send in the $250 deposit to hold your spot for the fall semester.

Of course, if anyone has questions contact me, Jane Inman, at

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