Computer Tips for Incoming Panthers

Update: Get the latest computer tip and advice here.

Hey all,

Since so many of you ask questions about it, Nathan Hickman ’12 and I made a video of all the relevant specs you need to keep in mind when getting a new computer for college.

A couple of notes in addition to what Nathan said:

  • Really, Mac vs. PC is so 2007. Use what you’re most comfortable with; it won’t make any difference in terms of your Hanover-related computer usage.
  • We offer Sophos anti-virus protection free for all our students; you’ll have to download this before you’re able to connect to the secure campus network.
  • Our Wi-Fi network covers every conceivable place you’ll need to use your computer on campus, and most of the (as Vizzini would say) inconceivable spots as well. Just make sure your laptop has an IEEE802.11 WLAN adapter.
  • If you don’t want to spring for Microsoft Office Suite (even in our bookstore where it only costs $79.95), then is a legitimate and free alternative.
  • You’ll also want to think about bringing a USB Flash Drive, especially if you plan to use the campus print system (everybody does).

Hopefully this is some good stuff.  If any of you have other suggestions, write a comment below and share it with everybody.

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  1. I should have mentioned it in the main post, but if you use anything besides Microsoft Word for your homework and plan to submit it electronically, you need to save in a common file format. For, your file will automatically be saved with a ‘.odf’ extension, which all the new versions of Microsoft Word can read natively. If you use something like Microsoft Works (.wks), you’ll have to save in ‘.doc,’ ‘.docx,’ or ‘.odf’–since faculty and staff computers come with Microsoft Office 2007. Or, you can just print your paper off and hand it in… ;’)

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