So, you’ve got questions? Well, in case you don’t know what’s coming … I’ve got answers.

There a lots of things coming at you that I’m sure you’re wondering about, such as what classes should I take? What professor is the hardest? Is it easy to get involved? How do I choose a roommate? And, while you may think that these questions will get answered during your LEAP session, they often times do not. So, let’s get it poppin’ …

CLASSES: Don’t limit yourself by taking things that you think are for your major. Part of going to a liberal arts college is broadening your horizons and you can’t do that by continuing to take the same old classes… Do something spontaneous and take an anthropology course or an art history class. All of the professors are more than willing to help you. Oh, and don’t stress out about Great Works; it’s an awesome introduction to college expectations. Eurasia isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be either — I loved it!

PROFESSORS: If you haven’t already heard, you will… There will always be some teachers that are harder than others, but don’t let that keep you from taking a class with them. Their expectations will only push you to do better and you will be a much better student and person for it. Dr. Yoon, Dr. Steinert, Dr. Buchman, Deb Whistler, and Dee Goertz are some of the hardest professors on campus, but they truly love what they do and I have LOVED every class I have taken with them.

GETTING INVOLVED: It isn’t hard to get involved, you just have to be willing. With 56 student organizations and numerous intramural sports the options are endless. Becoming a member of an organization helps you get to know other people on campus too, not to mention it looks great on your resume as well.

ROOMMATE: You don’t have a roommate? No problem. During your LEAP session you will take an interest survey that asks you various questions about your lifestyle (type of music, morning/evening person, clean, smoker). Using your answers to those questions, Casey Heckler in the housing office will match you with a similar person of the same sex, of course. On the survey, you are also allowed to preference a roommate, so if you meet someone that day feel free to write them in. You’re always allowed to change roommates, if space is available. Your resident assistant (RA) and Casey are more than willing to work with you.

Do you have other questions? Feel free to comment to this post with them and I will answer them in my next post!

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