"if you can dodge traffic…

…you can dodge a ball,” or so says Patches O’Hoolihan.

We have all seen the movie, “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,” but now it is time to put the lessons we learned in that movie in to some real practice with the Campus Activities Board First Annual Dodgeball Tournament!

Dodgeball is a sport anyone can play and one that shouldn’t be taken all too seriously. Competition these days is fierce and I can only hope that people don’t take this too seriously, because that would take most of the fun out of it.

We are looking at making this one of those new Hanover intramural traditions to span the test of time. Who doesn’t love dodgeball? It’s a good way to bring diverse groups together for recreational fun.

So, begin stalking your fellow prospective Hanover students to figure out who your team will be for next year’s tournament. You can never be too prepared and by finding out your team now, you can start practicing. NOT.

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