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It is winter break this week, so all of our students have gone home.  That leaves a very large, empty campus here for us staff members to occupy.  It gets lonely without our students!  The last few weeks have been a lot of fun for them, and I have enjoyed watching from my office window.

For example, the Crowe-Man:

Our students did a fine job of building this 8 foot tall masterpiece of a snowman in front of Crowe Hall, one of our dorms.

Ultimate Frisbee practice in the snow:

Our ultimate frisbee intermural team is incredibly dedicated. It started snowing before they were done practicing.

I do get hints of jealousy watching students having fun outside from inside of my office.  Luckily, when I have the opportunity I will go sit down by our fire for a few minutes and do some work.  I love our fireplace!

There is nothing like a fire on a cold day!

I can make up the lack of fun during my work day by doing fun things on the weekends.  Sunday I went to Indianapolis to see The Avett Brothers in concert.  They are and were wonderful.  I have been a big fan for about five years.  They are great songwriters, and it just seems to me that they sum up the best things about the South (the Carolinas in particular) in song.  They make me homesick in the best way.  Luckily, (since I am happy being a Hoosier) they tour up here on occasion.

Well, I am off to set up some high school visits and get ready for some Transfer Fairs that are coming up this week!

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