Little Carson in the Big City

So, the fanatical blog-reader may have noticed that I have skipped a post.  Actually, probably no one noticed b/c my postings are so sporadic.  In any case, I left campus last Wednesday evening and didn’t come back until Friday night.  Where did I spend these glorious two days?

Chicago!  Why, you might ask, did I make this trek in the middle of the week?  Chicago is the city in which I opted to have my JET Programme interview.  A little refresher for anyone reading about this for the first time:  JET stands for the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program, in which native English-speakers from around the world are selected to be ALTs, or assistant language teachers, in Japanese schools.

Despite weeks of preparation, I was extremely nervous about my interview at the Japanese consulate.  But I have tons of people to thank for helping me.  First, thanks to my mom for driving me up there (my car is old and cranky about long-distance drives) and for keeping me sane in the excruciating hours before the interview.  Also, thanks to Mera, Jahni, Sarah, Meghan and Anna for lending me professional clothes/helping me buy clothes.

A big thank you goes to Margaret Krantz in the Career Center, Uschi Appelt, John Martin, Rodney and Deb Whistler for mock interviews, tips, etc.  And finally, thanks to everyone who posted “good luck” messages on my Facebook wall before the interview.  Knowing so many people were thinking of me really boosted my confidence.

I won’t find out until April whether I’ve been selected or not.  I know they have to be highly selective b/c approximately 5,000 Americans applied this year, but I am feeling optimistic.  Yay for having a future after graduation!  :D

In other news, the mountain of snow we had a week ago is finally melting away with the warmer weather.  As I look out the window, I think it’s actually raining right now.  Also, my art I.S. is coming along — when I’m a little further I’ll post some pictures.

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