winter precipitation

Precipitation in the winter, as we all know it equals SNOW. And SNOW on Hanover’s campus equals MIDNIGHT SNOWBALL FIGHT!

Every year after the first substantial snow fall, 90% of the campus files out of their dorms, slips on the ice and busts their butts on the ground on their way to The Quad, where they then proceed to hit each other with massive snow/ice balls. While this icy battle is fun for about five minutes, the cold gets overwhelming, and the ice balls to the face get old real fast.

Either way, it’s a good bonding experience — not just for one’s self and the snow, but for one’s self and the rest of the campus community. So, suck it up and get out there and take a snow ball to the face because chances are whoever threw it at you will become your best friend and you’ll be able to say hello to one another from here on out :)

It looks like a lot of snow is headed our way, between five and eight inches from tonight through tomorrow; get ready Hanover — it’s about to go down.

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