Busy Bee = Me

When I look back on everything that’s happened this week, it doesn’t seem possible that so much has happened in so little time.  In the past seven days I’ve:

  • started and finished a painting of a cow skull
  • found out that I have an interview for the JET Program!!
  • met with Dr. Karns to talk about my I.S. grant proposal
  • given a presentation about artists Helen Frankenthaler, Janet Fish and Chu Teh-Chun
  • gone to a fun party at Sigma Chi (fraternity)
  • done laundry
  • studied for and taken a Baroque art history exam
  • attended the Dean’s List reception (first time to make Dean’s List)!
  • met with the art club officers to talk about plans this term
  • listened to my roommate practice her I.S. presentation
  • gone to Anime Club and hung out with my friend Ryan afterward
  • watched “Stardust” with my roommate
  • checked out library books about contemporary Asian artists
  • called my parents
  • signed up to go to two job fairs
  • raided my podmate’s stash of super-sharp cheddar cheese

Ok, some of these things aren’t so academic, but nevertheless I thought they were important enough to mention.  I mean, a life without cheddar cheese is not a life worth living (with the exception of you lactose-intolerant people out there).

I feel like everything is starting to come together.  I sometimes feel exhausted keeping up with my schedule, but it’s completely worth it.  When I found out I was picked for JET Program interview, I was so happy that I shouted out loud (Japanese Exchange Teaching Program).

Now the realization that I have an interview to practice and prepare for is starting to sink in, and I’m beginning to stress.  But my enthusiasm for joining JET is greater than my unease about the interview, so I’m hoping that bodes well.  Wish me luck in mid-February!

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  1. Carson you are busier than me. Our schedules look about the same and this is on a every day basis. Congrats on the Deans List and the JET Program.

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