Getting in the Groove…

Coming back means getting back in to the swing of things. Scheduling meeting times, working, as well as continuing to excel in the classroom are just a few of the obligations a college student encounters.

Before break I was named the new President of the Campus Activities Board, so over break I had to prepare for a retreat that we would have the Sunday before school started back to initiate everyone to the ways of CAB. The three hour meeting that had been scheduled lasted all of an hour and 20 minutes, but I think everything that needed to be covered was and that we are in for an exciting term.

We are finalizing plans for a few acts: 1) Frederic Winters, a comedic hypnotist, Feb. 5 (Presidential Scholars) and 2) Mission Improvable, an improv troupe, March 19 (Admitted Student Overnight). Both acts are sure to entertain; Fred is known for convincing college age men that they are in fact pregnant, which you can see here! Fred is going to take 18 volunteers to be hypnotized–you could be one of them :)

Well, plans are always underway for new acts. We have eager new Event Contractors searching for engaging talent. I’m excited and I think they are too, so don’t leave us hanging and GET PUMPED!

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  1. Welcome back Sam, it’s good to see that you are back into rotation. Congratulations on your new postion, I wish you the best of luck. I’m really looking forward to CAB’s upcoming events.

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